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Carlos Lancia

2012 Lancia Flavia Sedan Walk-Around - Geneva Auto Show Concept

I was at a Toyota T-TEN class in Ohio, walking around the car yard when I came across what I thought to be a Chrysler 200. The grille trim was different and I saw the shield shape and I instantly knew it was a Lancia Flavia! But they never made a production version of the Sedan, so it's ONE-AND-ONLY Geneva Concept car! I do know the VIN number, but I will not share. I will say though, the last three are "800" This Vehicle Features: Special 18" Chrome Wheels Lowered suspension 3.6 Litre V6 from the 200S Non-Production Ground Effects Touch Screen Navigation with Satellite Radio Capability KM/H Analogue Speed Gauge "Lancia" and "Flavia" Adorned Interior Trim

Carlos Lancia, 13 Ene 2013