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Birth of a Lancia Thema 8 32 SW

In this movie you can witness the birth of a Lancia Thema 8.32 SW. This model was once made as a gift for Agnelli (director at Fiat group). He received a series 1 Lancia Thema 8.32 SW. I made the second car in the world. It's made from a second series Thema 8.32 and a first series Sw body. The building of this car is described on www.weblogs.lanciathema.nl and this movie gives one a brief summery. The building of the car took about 2,5 years. It's maiden trip was 1 day after the car passed it's MOT and went to Italy. In one week me and my friend Ewoud drove about 4000 kms in the car wihtout any significant problems. Now I'm contemplating an installation of an Alfa 166 gearbox with Torssen differential. Check my weblog for updates!

pilito, 13 Ene 2013